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Our team are experts at providing framing solutions to suit any house design. We are well known for our ability to provide our customers with exactly what they need in a timely manner to make sure that their construction project gets off to a flying start.

We understand the need to get the framing of your new home complete according to your schedule. For this reason, we make sure that we leverage our experience as a project management company to get the job done on time and on budget. We are able to frame houses in all shapes and sizes including bungalows, single and two-story homes, cottages, and much more.

As the framing of your home functions as the bones of your home, it is vitally important that this is done correctly. Our team of experts is able to frame your home efficiently and safely. You can rest assured that a home that we frame will last a long time. We only use the highest quality materials and never take any shortcuts from the designing of the frame right up till the completion of the project.

By having the We Do Contracting team handle the framing of your new home you can enjoy the many benefits of our basement framing, back framing, window framing and door framing and installation. We are able to adapt to any framing requirements that you have. If you are looking for something basic or something that has never been done before, we are the right people to handle the job.

Get in touch with the We Do Contracting team today to get the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that the framing of your home has been completed by qualified professionals! By choosing We Do Contracting, you will be joining our many satisfied customers.

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  • Prepare for budgeting and planning
  • Check a wide availability of resources
  • Access a trained eye on home design
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